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“Chris has been a God-send for my business! He has restored my faith in website developers and SEO. He was able to take my dead website and turn it into a client funneling machine in less than 1 month. I had a terrible experience with a so-called SEO expert who promised the world but never delivered, but Chris has been so professional and knowledgeable about SEO and creating a superb online presence. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”



SEO optimization has taken my Biz to the TOP! Chris is an outstanding professional who I have complete faith and trust in.


Watch out for Chris if he has your competition as a client. He has shown he can wipe the board on SEO for local and national searches. Get on his book if you can and make sure you tell him I sent you. Current strategies, technical background, and an affinity for the math of the internet make him deadly.



Committed, persistent, leader: these are just a few of the words I’d use to describe Chris. He is an excellent team player. He listens to understand and teaches so others do too. He leads by example and isn’t afraid to tackle new and different technologies. He is a professional that gets things done.



I had the pleasure of working with Chris as Cloudswell. I was impressed with Chris’ depth of business and IT knowledge from his initial interview and his work at Cloudswell just validated and proved it out. Chris is more than a Software Developer and understands the overall IT technology and business strategy. Chris is a team player and a leader. And very important for me, Chris is a person with integrity and humor.



I had the pleasure of hiring Chris at Cloudswell. At the time I did not realize what an asset I had found. As a technologist Chris is a star and he is very devoted to his team. Chris came to us as a .NET Sr. Developer but our project work required that he pick up Ruby. He did so flawlessly and quickly. As a person Chris always has a smile, always encourages, always takes the time to help others, he is a joy to have. I would recommend Chris to any organization. 


Chris McNabb is a leader and a true software engineer. His team produced some great code, deploying chef and ruby on rails applications as a small unit of a larger organization. When vulnerabilities or opportunities for improvement were raised from my team, Chris was quick to understand the problem and work with me and the rest of the group to find a solution. I’d work with Chris any day. He is the kind of professional that makes an operations team successful.


Chris and I worked together on the coach-facing section of OnLife Health’s wellness portal. His skill with Ruby on Rails, good clean software engineering, out-of-the-box thinking, and communication skills, impressed me. I would gladly work with him again, or hire him.